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Will there be another royal birth in 2014?

Posted on: November 9th, 2013 by Lia 7 Comments


Prince George might only be a few months old, but that hasn’t stopped the Cambridge family from thinking about giving him a new sibling. William and Kate have always been open about their desire to have more children, but it looks like Baby George might get another brother sooner rather than later.

According to royal sources, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are looking in the diary to assert when it would be the best time to have another baby boy or girl.

The couple “can’t wait to get down to the business of babymaking,” according to the tabloid Daily Star Sunday, who claim that Will and Kate want “a big family”.

“Kate’s getting broody and they would love to have a brother and sister for George,” said an insider, “They will have another baby as soon as possible and want a big family, more than the usual heir and a spare.”

However, when you’re a royal, things are not so easy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a pretty full schedule, so managing a second pregnancy will not be easy.

“Kate and William are looking in the diary already to see when would be a good time,” continued the source.


Despite being a mom, Kate has managed to keep her crown as a UK fashion icon.

“Her over style is, she’s very accessible,” said UK stylist Gok Wan, “She looks as though you could imitate her. Which is a very clever thing because it makes her feel very real.”

Kate has a tough challenge when it comes to fashion, since as a royal princess she is expected to look a certain way at all times, and with the conservative expectations from such a family, there isn’t much leeway for Kate to go crazy.

“She’s not being too outrageous or too dangerous or too avant-garde because that also wouldn’t work out, but she still needs to have style, still got to be current.”

However, while Kate might favor more conservative wear, for a royal, her style is still pretty down to Earth.


“I love the fact that she mixes high street with her designer wear as well,” adds Wan, “She probably saw something and thought ‘I really like this and I want to wear it.’”

Only months after giving birth to George, Kate has slimmed back down to her original size and is strutting it out like usual, but how long will it be before another baby royal is making their way into the Cambridges’ life?

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