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Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge expecting second child

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Its finally official, Will and kate to have their second baby and Prince George will soon be joined by either his sister or brother. Read more here

Prince William to become air ambulance pilot

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Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry plant poppies at First World War tribute

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Prince George birthday Prince William and Kate release charming family portrait

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The palace is releasing special pictures, the Royal Mint is striking a commemorative coin and newspapers are publishing glowing tributes.

What’s all the fuss about? Prince George may be the next king one day.





William and Harry make Google hangout debut

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Kate Pregnant Second Child on the way?

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Are the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge expecting a baby or twins anytime soon?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to be surrounded by the rumors of their pregnancy that too just not a single baby but twins. The new royal rumor is not yet confirmed but a few tabloids have published it already that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting twins as she has started gaining baby weight and that Prince George will have two more play pals come this fall.

Kate loved the dynamics of her own house where she was raised with a sister and a brother and would want to recapture it as a parent. If the rumors of Kate’s pregnancy are true then it is good for the Duchess as in the long run she can avoid pregnancy and get rid of the morning sickness. The insiders say that Kate has always wished for a daughter who will follow her legacy of strong and happy women also it will be nice for Prince George’s character to have little sister. Although the royals have denied Prince George having a sibling any time soon.

When asked to confirm about this news, the Duke and the Duchess responded that they are not pregnant. Prince William in March during an interview stated that George was enough for them at the moment but It seems like both duke and the duchess of Cambridge are fond of the idea of having baby number 2 (or 3) as Will told one woman who gifted Prince George a wool shawl that “you might have to make another one soon” during their New Zealand tour in April.

Kate has had wine after the rumors begin which means that she was not pregnant all this time but it does not mean that she cannot be pregnant any time soon. If the royal couple does get pregnant in the next few months there will be no doubt about it. And similar to Kate’s first pregnancy the public will know all about it even before the royal are ready to tell everyone. Having two babies back to back will not be an issue for the royals as they don’t have too much worry about jobs or maternity leaves. They don’t even have to worry about how much time consuming it will be to take care of two babies as they will have nannies that will be there to help them.

It is a tradition in the royal family to pass on the priceless antique diamonds and artworks to the new princess. And Queen Elizabeth has been keeping her jewelry and gifts for years now just in case William ever has a daughter. If the rumors are true then the queen must be very happy. Also it was heard that Prince Williams’s father prince Charles during last Christmas suggested him to have a gap of at least 18 months between the heir and the spare. Prince Williams is 2 years elder then Prince Harry and are pretty much best friends.

Madame Tussauds makeover for William and Kate

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Madame Tussauds has unveiled its updated waxworks of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate and William made their debut two years ago to mark their first wedding anniversary

Prince George almost walking as he takes first steps at polo match

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Baby George took his first steps towards the throne today,

Prince Harry: Bad at Rugby, better at football, best in goal!

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Prince Charles feeds a polar bear in Canada

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Prince Charles has had the rare opportunity of feeding a polar bear while he visited a zoo in Manitoba as part of his tour of Canada.

Prince Harry attends Monte Cassino memorial service

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Queen Elizabeth Spotted on Daily Horse Ride While Prince William and Prince Harry Attend Polo Match

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The 88-year- old royal is fond of horsing around. Her majesty was spotted riding her horse on Monday in khaki- colored coat, colorful headscarf, beige jacket, white leggings and riding boots. And she wasn’t alone on her morning stroll, a male companion dressed in traditional riding attire wearing a bowler hat, tall boots was by her side at all times. According to the Daily Mail, the Queen Elizabeth II enjoys riding through Windsor Great Park, something she’s been doing since age 4. Her present horse is a Fell pony named Carltonlima Emma. Her majesty has even competed in the Epsom Derby and finished in an impressive second place in 1953 and third place in 2011.

Her majesty wasn’t the only royal to spend time in the saddle in the recent days.

Her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry were spotted at the Audi Polo Challenge at the Coworth Park Polo Club over the weekend.

Prince William and Prince Harry were the main spectacle at the event. The event took place at Ascot, Berkshire. The Prince’s team lost the nail-biting clash 5-4 in the last few minutes. The Prince’s real grandmother may not have been among the crowd at the charity polo match, but their on- screen mother Dame Helen Mirren was there to watch. Helen Mirren won an Oscar after portraying their grandmother in 2006 movie The Queen. Helen Mirren , wasn’t the only big name to appear at the annual Audi Polo challenge as Limitless actress Anna Friel and Hot Fuzz’s Nick Frost were also spotted in the crowd of the invitation-only event.

The event last for two days, it was expected to raise ten thousands of pounds for three charities which are heavily closed to Prince’s heart, including the Royal Marsden cancer hospital in Chelsea, London, the youth training charity Skillforce and the HIV fund Sentebale. The African nation has the third-highest HIV infection rate in the world – a third of its children are orphans and more than 37,000 children under 14 are living with the disease. The Duke of Cambridge is the president of the Royal Marsden and is also the Royal patron of Skillforce, while Prince Harry founded Sentebale with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho.

The event is one which the brothers seemingly look forward to, as last year’s match – which saw their team Audi Quattro secure an 8-7 defeat against competitors Audi Ultra – marked Duke’s first public appearance after the birth of son Prince George. Other guests at the exclusive event included singer Will Young, TV presenter Zoe Hardman and Channel 4 presenter Rick Edwards. The day was then rounded-off with a performance from singer Eliza Doolittle.

It was one of the Prince’s first appearances together since attending friend Guy Pelly’s wedding in Memphis earlier this month. Guests said 29-year-old Prince Harry was seen twerking on the dancefloor- though the brothers were a little more sedate during the day, paying homage to king of rock’n’roll Elvis Presley with a private tour of Graceland. Prince Harry will be heading to South America later this month. to cheer on his national team at the World Cup campaign in Brazil.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Heading to France for D Day Commemoration

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Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be among the royals who will travel to France to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have stopped travelling to abroad due to their illness, but next week they intend to be in Normandy for ceremonies to honor who sacrificed their lives to liberate Europe from Nazi grip. The serious damage of World War II directly shaped the lives of Queen Elizabeth (88) and Prince Philip (92). The anniversary is so heartfelt that the Royal Couple is preparing to cross the English Channel Tunnel, that Queen helped inaugurated 20 years ago on Eurostar train.

Historian Antony Beevor, a renowned chronicler of World War II, said Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip want to show their solidarity with the dwindling number of living veterans, including those still strong enough to attend the events next week. They will bring younger royals as well, including Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and Prince William, second in line. “I think it will mean a huge amount to the veterans,” Beevor said. “To have the queen there makes all the difference. The veterans loyalty is very deep and their admiration is very deep. The queen and Philip are both well aware that this is the last time a reasonable number of veterans will be able to attend. So it’s very important to both of them.”

Many people believe that this may be the final overseas trip for the Queen and Prince Philip. The queen whose impressive stamina and mobility have lately been affected by joint pain and her husband have recently battled serious illness. The queen has not said publicly that she is cutting back her role and in fact she has appeared as cheerful as ever when in the public eye. But Prince Philip, who has heart disease and other ailments, indicated when he reached 90 that it was time for him to reduce his public commitments.He was out of public view for an extended period last year when recovering from exploratory abdominal surgery for an undisclosed illness, but has recently been seen out.

The Queen is also relying increasingly on the younger generation of royals, led by Prince William and his wife Kate, who will both have a prominent role in the events taking place next week in Normandy.The queen does plan, to attend a remembrance service and to meet personally with veterans in addition to taking part in the main ceremony at Sword Beach, one of the landing spots where allied forces faced fire from entrenched German troops and tanks.

French officials have described Queen Elizabeth as the “super guest of honor” a nod both to her longevity and to Britain’s vital role in the D-Day invasion that liberated France. After the solemn events in Normandy, the Queen and Prince Philip will be given a state banquet Friday night at the Elysee Palace hosted by French President Francois Hollande.

The next morning the Queen and Prince Philip plan to fly home to England just in time for her to attend the Derby at Epsom Downs Racecourse an event that, like the D-Day commemoration, is something she would not voluntarily miss.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne and more celebs meet Prince William

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Prince William visits WW2 submarine HMS Alliance

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A look into other royal families Spain Denmark Netherlands Queen Rania

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Most people think that a royal family must be far removed from a so-called ‘real’ or average family, but in truth most royal families have their own share of glory and at times shame. And by virtue of being ‘Royalty’ they are constantly in the public eye and are expected to conduct themselves differently than an average family. Hence, at times, it turns out that being a ‘Royal’ comes with a huge baggage and the price of wearing the crown is indeed high!

While most of us are more used to thinking about the Royal family of England, when we say the word ‘royal’, there are other significant royal families around the world, which are as famous as the Royal family of England. Take for instance the Royal family of Spain. The Royal family of Spain is headed by King Juan Carlos I of Spain and the Queen Consort HRH Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark. Juan Carlos I of Spain became the king in the year 1975 on the 22nd of November, only two days after the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco died. Incidentally, it was Franco, who had named him as the next head of state in the year 1969. King Juan Carlos I became the first reigning monarch since the year 1931.

King Juan Carlos I of Spain married HRH Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark in the year 1962, on the 14th of May. They got married in the Church of Saint Dennis, in Athens. Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark was the daughter of King Paul of Greece and though she was Greek Orthodox, she had to convert to Roman Catholicism so that she could become the queen of Spain and another ceremony (their wedding in the Roman Catholic faith) was conducted in 1962 in Rome at the Pauline Chapel the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

They were blessed with three children – two daughters and a son. Infanta Elena María Isabel Dominica, who is also known as the Duchess of Lugo, was born in the 1963, on the 20th of December. Their second daughter, Infanta Cristina Federica Victoria Antonia, was born in the 1965, on the 13th of June. She is also known as Duchess of Palma de Mallorca. The couple’s only son, Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos, Prince of Asturias, was born on the 30th of January 1968.

The Danish Royal Family, or the Royal family of Denmark, comprises HM Queen Margrethe II and her husband HRH Prince Consort Henrik. The couple’s elder son, TRH Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, Crown Princess Mary, HRH Prince Christian, who is the elder son of TRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. The family also comprises HRH Princess Isabella, who is prince Frederik and Princess Mary’s elder daughter. The prince and the princess’ younger son and younger daughter, HRH Prince Vincent and HRH Princess Josephine are also present. HM Queen Margrethe II and her husband HRH Prince Consort Henrik have a younger son too. He is TRH Prince Joachim. He is married to Princess Marie, who is his second wife.

The prince’s first wife was Alexandra Christina, Countess of Frederiksborg. The Prince has two children with Alexandra Christina, Countess of Frederiksborg, and two children with Princess Marie. His elder son with his first wife is HH Prince Nikolai and his younger son is HH Prince Felix. His children from his second marriage are HH Prince Henrik and HH Princess Athena. The Royal Family of Denmark also comprises three other members – the Queen’s sisters HRH the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and HM The Queen of the Hellenes and her cousin HH Princess Elisabeth.

The Royal Family of The Netherlands is an independent monarch and the current monarch of the King Willem-Alexander, who ascended to the throne on the 30th of April 2013. He was a student of history at the University of Leiden and was involved in water management in those days. He is married to an economics major Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti, who is now known as Queen Máxima. The Queen sired a daughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia, who was born on the 7th of December, 2003. Their second daughter, Princess Alexia, was born in the year 2005 on the 26th of June. The couple’s third daughter was born on the 10th of April in the year 2007, and is called Princess Ariane.


Queen Rania is the Queen consort of Jordan. She was born in the year 1970, on the 31st of August. Her parents were Palestinian and she was born in Kuwait. She was educated in the New English School in Kuwait and went on to earn her degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. Though she is the Queen Consort, she has worked for Citibank in marketing, and also worked in Amman, with Apple Inc. She is also a women’s rights activist. She married Abdullah bin Al-Hussein in the year 1993 and has four children. Her first born is Crown Prince Hussein, who was born in the year 1994, on the 28th of June. Her second child is Princess Iman, born on the 27thof September in the year 1996. The couple’s third child is Princess Salma. She was born on the 26th of September 2000. Queen Rania and her husband’s fourth child is Prince Hashem, born on the 30th of January, 2005

Prince William wants son George to follow in family’s scuba diving

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Wills spoke ahead of his unveiling today as patron of the British Sub-Aqua Club, the UK’s governing body for the sport William has told of his love of the underwater adventure sport which he hopes to pass Baby George.



Royal Family Documentary 1969

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rince Harry watches Invictus Games selection event

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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas in ‘amicable split

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BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt tweeted that the break-up was “said to be ‘amicable’ and they remain ‘the best of friends'”.